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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  December 19, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. time for a new half hour of great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." some friends take a swim at a national park, but a certain creature is -- >> not so happy about these guys intruding. >> see how he told them to get off his turf. angry mobs chase down a high school girl and the reason is -- >> quote/unquote shaming. >> the story behind the disturbing event. >> jets fans are hating on mark
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sanchez. >> a weak quarterback has had four interceptions and one fumble. >> these are jets fans saying mark sanchez is probably the worst quarterback i've ever seen. >> how the burning of the jerseys has begun. and welcome to the mother hood. ♪ my nesting bra like a bulletproof vest ♪ >> what has mom going gangster. three guys from sweden, taking a dip in northern australia. litchfield national park. something is about to pay them a visit. it is that something's home turf. not happy about these guys intruding. >> i don't like how you say something. >> the guy has the camera filming his buddy felix anderson. felix over here this side of the screen. >> you think we can go through this? >> i think you may already see
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the something blending in. >> oh. >> why get closer? why get closer? >> watch this. you think he might be playing freeze. no boom! >> oh! >> did he attack that guy? >> he jumps at him like a flying ninja. look at this. and just a split second, that thing launches itself over the rock, almost slaps felix right in the face with its head. look at that. >> get out of the water. >> this one is small. what's to say there isn't a much larger one nearby keeping an eye on his baby. >> i don't know if he knew what was on e other side of the ro in the first karate tail whacked him. >> nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like a crock ka dial ninja. check out this video captured outside a high school in gothenburg sweden. >> oh, my.
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>> oh! >> what? >> what you're seeing is a girl being knocked down violently in what police are calling a small riot. the story behind this is what's garnering so much attention. a few days ago, some instagram posts started appearing where more than 200 girls were named images of these girls shown. these girls were ages 13 to 14. according to some reports. they're calling these posts on instagram quote/unquote slut shaming. now, that instagram account was closed down but quickly facebook posts started appearing. eventually the facebook posts started encouraging students to meet outside of this school because the people responsible for these awful sexually driven posts were going to be there. and therefore, nearly 500 students showed up. >> i really feel bad for young kids nowadays. social media has the power for such good, but it also can be used powerfully to slander
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somebody. >> police do believe a 17-year-old girl is behind the initial inta gram posting. >> this girl that was being trampled is she somebody in one of these photos or just a random person? >> we don't know the identity of the girl in the video. we did know things get violent. police were called to the scene of this. more than 27 people were arrested and many of those detained as a result of this incident. charlie loves christmas lights a little too much. charlie ate some christmas lights as you can see from the x ray, those were the christmas lights in his tummy. >> he wasn't just eating the bulb. he ate the strand, the string of lights. >> there was a strand of christmas lights that ended up in his belly. >> when that comes out like a magician scarf. >> he ended up having to have
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surgery. >> the people in the hospital are like we don't know what that is. christmas lights missing. they pulled out christmas lights. and a shoestring. >> he has something about long stringy things. you have to keep him away from that stuff. >> maybe make him pasta and eat the noodles. >> he had to wear the cone of shame for a while because of what he did. he is okay now. the surgery was successful and he's still a happy dog. you can see his tail wagging. in russia, told to move your car, you move your car. or else they will move it for you like this. >> oh, geez. >> apparently this car wasn't supposed to be there. >> oh, my goodness. >> they grabbed it with one of the crushing cranes and they just picked it up and repositioned it to the back of this truck. drop and done. >> that's like the extreme version of putting the orange boot on somebody's car. >> except this one really hurts.
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>> i feel bad for the owner of this car because they're going to come out and they're probably going to say where's my car and report it stolen. >> this would be shocking for the owner of the car. i have another video that will also shock you. dash cam video from this car captures a moment that will leave you wondering what? >> oh. oh, no. >> oh, my! >> a truck carrying a bunch of cows tips over, dumping all these cows on the road. check out the cows. right? look at how smoothly they all just get back up and walk away like nothing happened. >> poor little guys. they come flying out of there, hooves straight up in the air and sliding on the pavement on their skin. >> a man takes his best friend for a walk, but then -- >> jump jump come here boy. >> know what happened here? >> dingo stole his baby.
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>> find out where jub jub and the dingo ended up. whoever said playgrounds are for kids hasn't met this grandma. >> raise your hand if this woman has done more exercise than you've done all week. >> yeah. >> get ready to raise your hand right this minute.
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new york jets fans had high hopes going into this nfl season but the jets have -- crashed and burned. big scapegoat, mark sanchez, the quarterback, jets fans have season.been happy with mr. check out whats the jets fans are doing now. with their mark sanchez jerseys. >> stand here before you today to express our sincere disinterest in the continuation of mark sanchez being the starting quarterback of the new york jets. >> seems like a weird "blair witch project" seance. >> almost like a seance.
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>> almost an elite quarterback has had four interceptions and one fumble, embarrassing, not as much as the -- >> the butt phone. >> mark sanchez is probably the worst quarterback i've seen in the national football league. >> these are jets fans saying mark sanchez is probably the worst quarterback i've ever seen in the national football league. >> this is really funny, but they're taking this very seriously. >> see you later, mark sanchez. ♪ in the eyes of an angel >> they start playing sarah mclaughlin. >> what? >> it was a nice touch. they burned the jersey in the cinderblock fire ring there. they're not the only ones on-line not happy with mark sanchez in reacting in the same way. another jets fan, rips the jersey off and inside, in his own home, lights this on fire with a lighter. mark sanchez making millions of dollars, whether these guys burn his jersey or not. >> players have bad games.
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they have bad times. sometimes it just isn't their day. >> puppies in snow. ♪ ♪ look at this beautiful st. bernard. they're taking a walk on the beach and along comes another dog. specifically, i dingo. >> good boy. want to say hi? hi, puppy. >> so the booty sniffing starts. hey, you look fun. the owner is like --
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>> unhook you. play nice. ♪ >> jub jub, come here, boy. oh [ bleep ]. >> he says he found them 26 blocks later. >> oh, no. you should know better than take your dog off the leash. unless he is so perfectly trained to call on command, don't do it. >> he's long gone. jub! oh. that was a stupid decision. >> yes, it was. we've heard of old man strength, right? >> yes. dad strength. >> what about old lady strength? >> grandma strength. >> they can do stuff. >> well this lady can really do stuff. this is a polish great grandmother who is killing it at the playground. doing everything from pullups to
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sit-ups and pushups and full-on exercises. >> that's great. she's drawn quite a crowd here too. ♪ >> anything is possible. you put your mind to it, anything. >> and i bet you she went home and made some super awesome pierogies. >> i bet so. >> raise your hand if this woman has done more exercise than you've done all week. >> yeah. yeah. something strange is going on in the walmart parking lot. >> it's like a swarm. they're taking over the sky. birds everywhere. are they looking for super low prices? i don't know. >> see the freaky walmart phenomenon blowing up the web. and a beautiful christmas carol performed by one of our favorites. ♪
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>> see her latest violin video, next.
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> ladies, we have to say this next video is alfred hitchcock approved. what we got here, a mass amount of birds. you see these people driving around filming this, and it's like a swarm. they're taking over the skies.
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birds everywhere. >> they're in the walmart parking lot. this video was just posted but what's weird is, if you search youtube for birds and walmarts lots of videos pop up. it's strange. this video is from houston, recently posted. this one is during the day, but sure is a large bunch of them. but it doesn't stop there. taerz weird. yeah. some videos they're flying, some videos they're grounds hanging out. in all these videos they're at walmart. are they looking at super low prices? i don't know. there's more and more of these videos. another one, here we go again, in the walmart parking lot at night. birds camped out. you would think is it because there are bird feed or something on the ground or old bread? they're just in the parking lot where the cars are. they're not out back. they're in front of the walmarts. >> maybe it's the lighting? >> you see some of them at times, they go up in the air and fly around in formations.
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here's another one. you got a lot of the same, just more birds hanging out. wasn't such an extraordinary thing, people wouldn't film it and put it on the web. >> why so many birds and why at walmart? >> from the air the walmart parking lot is the biggest surface they can land on and chill out together and rest their flappers. >> what if you could change the world with your smartphone. >> that would be awesome. >> it's becoming a reality with a new app called get charitable. >> when you download our free android app you will start feeding a child every day. the app places a new sponsored graphic on the background of your phone every day. sponsors pay for this privilege and with this money we are able to feed children around the world. each phone feeds one child every day. >> we don't do anything. we get the app and use our phones. >> the only thing you have to do is look at it. >> all you have to do. >> with 480 million phones and 400 million hungry children, this is a real possibility.
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you can make world hunger a thing of the past. >> to tell us more about this ingenuous app we have its creators, kyle, skyping from connecticut and michael from oklahoma. welcome to "right this minute." >> now you guys are only 22 years old. you were students at auburn university. how did you come up with this idea? >> we're both intrigued by what mobile apps can do nowadays. i thought if we had an advertisement every day in front of our users that could help a cause. >> how many people have downloaded this app so far? >> we have a few hundred on board. we're obviously trying to grow that daily. the more people that know, the more of a difference we can make. >> how easy is it to get conscious advertisers part of the campaign. >> so far the reaction from the advertisers has been great. excited to jump on board. >> as a user we don't have to do anything to generate these funds? >> just like any app for the android phone, go to google play and download it. you don't have to touch it the whole day it will still be
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feeding the children. we try to make it easy for our users to make a difference. >> how do you take this and feed the children? >> we work with non-profit partners, hunger relief international in haiti and guatemala is a lot of their focus. we're able to donate revenues to them. >> when are you guys going to have an app for the iphone? >> we get asked that question a lot which is good. it means people want it. >> dog gets 210 bottles for christmas. ♪ people are using their smart tvs to play really cool videos from youtube on their television. this one needs to be one of them. ♪
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>> it's lindsey sterling. beautifully playing with her violin "what child is this." ♪ it's beautifully shot by scott wynn and she is in a snowy fortress playing the music in her very unique lindsey sterling fashion. >> it's always kind of magical and etherial when she plays. she did a christmas video last year, so it's nice to see that she's done it again. >> to see the entire video head to and click on best of rtm. it's called dance off gone wrong. so what could possibly go wrong here? >> this girl is a leopard dress decides i'm going to hang upside down from the entertainment
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there is nothing more super cool than when you can make people laugh. so this guy mark, he's a comedian and also calls himself bald in scottish. he hit santa con in san francisco and handed out clown red noses and as you can everybody is smiling. >> doesn't wear a red nose.
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>> i don't think santa would have an issue because they're clowning around. >> oh. >> it's for a good cause. to bring joy and smiles to your faces. >> when you have the santa outfit on you're not the real santa. you're showing support to santa. he would be happy. >> look at the people on the streets of san francisco in their santa outfits with their noses. it builds this christmas spirit. >> no matter what kind of mood you're in if you put on a rudolph nose you're going to smile and giggle and your whole day will change. >> like us right now. grumpy. red noses. ah! groups of girls partying in cancun can be a recipe for a disaster. this video is one of those. we have a group of girls here doing some sort of impromptu danceoff or some sort of steak dinner or something. details in this youtube description are a little weird. you see them here start the dance off. kind of not much dancing. just a lot of talking and
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posturing. >> this girl in the leopard dress decides, i'm going to hang upside down from the entertainment center. not the best decision. >> oh! >> the camera pans to the left as the girl starts hanging and pans to the right you see this entire entertainment center come crashing down on top of the girl. >> i have a feeling that alcohol may be involved. >> the uploader of the video does claim the girls were doing a little bit of partying before this. i don't think it killed her. we hear some laughing. >> what the heck was she thinking? >> oh, my god. >> it is christmas scare. ♪ >> merry christmas. >> hardest job out there, hands down, being a mom. ♪ this is my crib and these are
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my babes ♪ ♪ my life and body have somewhat changed ♪ ♪ i'm living large and by large i mean bigger ♪ >> this video called "the motherhood" an it's obviously a rap about being a mom. >> i express the best from the holes in my chest wear my nursing bra like a vest ♪ i bought my sexy handbag for a snot sack. >> she's cute. >> the other thing that makes her stylin' she has a fiat 500 l the car standing in front of, the car with the hose in the back. this is an ad campaign for fiat that is praising moms ♪ mental combination with my elbows deep in infant def facation ♪ >> wow, that part hurt. >> the kids as her backup dancers is the best part.
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awesome. you get two guys, three cameras and take 30,000 pictures and you get this incredible time lapsed photography from beijing. >> that looks cool. it's a lot with the lights going by so fast, right. >> so fast almost looks like video. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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